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Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the University of Bonn

"We, Friedrich Wilhelm by the grace of God, King of Prussia, ..." – beginning with these words, King Frederick William III. of Prussia founded the University of Bonn in 1818.

Today, the University bears his name. Bonn is a research university with an international focus, 38,000 students, 550 professors, 6,500 employees and around 200 majors from agricultural science to dentistry.

In Bonn, the year 2018 is all about the 200th anniversary of the University. Every subject and faculty has contributed to the program of events and celebrations. More than 100 events – lectures, exhibitions, concerts and readings – are open for visitors. Some events are offered in English.

We hope you are able to join in on the celebrations and don't forget that the Summer Festival on 9 June is open to all of Bonn's residents, with food and games for all ages! 

Events in English 

How to avoid war - diplomacy in a multipolar world November 19, 2018, 7pm
Regional conflicts, nuclear threats, populism and autocracy – the liberal world order is unraveling. The long-lasting transatlantic dominance might have come to an end and other powers are emerging to fill the created power vacuum. Dialogue, negotiations, and other measures are needed more than ever to better deal with growing uncertainty. Can diplomacy be the tool to restrain power and prevent crisis in times of disarray?
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Theater preview Bonn University Shakespeare Company
Date tbc (beginning of December, 2018).